The Oracle of Delphi

Oh questions rest upon your soul
And doubts and fears and childish hopes.
You feel them as the cutting ropes
That drag you here, inside my hole.

I cannot solve your mystery
Nor can I give you help or sign
For I am man and not divine
And there's no god speaking through me.

All I can give to you are words
And they say nothing anymore –
Each is illusion, each a whore
They come like animals: in herds.

When I was young they were so few.
They held no meaning, no relation,
Did not allow interpretation –
They were the things, they were just true.

When I spoke: "Rain" – it fell with thunder.
When I spoke: "Bear" – came forth his grunt.
And nothing that I said was blunt
And everything was still a wonder.

Then came the sentence, then the tale.
They grew from mankinds mumbling mind,
Demanding sounds of lesser kind –
A kind so trivial and pale.

I heard them all going astray,
Loosing their power to constrain.
A pointless pointing did remain:
The reeling on the mental way.

So leave me here and find your fate,
As mine is Silence, that's my name.
Not just my name – we are the same.
It never changed, stayed pure and great.